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Private Classes

The fastest way to improve your jiu jitsu

Bring your jiu jitsu to the next level using personalized jiu jitsu classes, both 1-on-1 or in a small group. Solve your problems, create a new speciality or form a complete gameplan.

Also available in 5-class packages and monthly plans

Train BJJ in Brazil

Prepare your trip to Brazil

I've been visiting Brazil since 2015. Since then I've become a Brazilian champion and instructor at one of Brazil's best gyms.


Use my practical tips and tricks to set up your perfect training trip.

Erasmus BJJ

High level jiu jitsu for everyone

I teach groupclasses at the dojo of the Erasmus Sports building in Rotterdam. We have a wide variety of members with goals ranging from learning self defense, getting fit to becoming champion competitors. 


Learn about our pricing, timetable and competition classes by clicking on the button below


Training jiu jitsu since 2012, coaching since 2015

 When I'm in the Netherlands I teach classes at Erasmus BJJ, and in Brazil I train at The House Fight Company. My goal is to bring BJJ in the Netherlands to the next level.


After obtaining a master's degree at Leiden University I decided to focus solely on jiu jitsu. Since then I've been traveling around the globe, studying all aspects of jiu jitsu, and training and competing with the best athletes in the world. In the process I became the first-ever Dutchman to win the European and Brazilian championships

Now I want to help you obtain your goals. 


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