About Daniel

As a competitor

As a competitor I've travelled the world to compete. I've made a name for myself in the European and Brazilian circuits. I've won the IBJJF nogi European and nogi Brazilian championships. That makes me the only Dutchman to ever win the Brazilian championships. 

In the gi I've medalled at the IBJJF Europeans and I've won the IBJJF Curitiba Open.

In submission grappling I've won the elite categories of NAGA and Grappling Industries.

In 2017 a video of one of my matches went viral, where I beat a 130kg blackbelt











As a coach

I've been teaching classes since 2015 at Erasmus BJJ. SInce 2018 I've been an instructor at The House Fight Company, one of Brazil's best gyms. I've taught classes and seminars around the world, from Germany to Los Angeles and from Bulgaria to Brazil. 


My students have competed and won some of the biggest tournaments in the country, including AJP Almere, ADCC Netherlands and Grappling Industries.

I'm also doing my best to create content to help jiu jitsu practitioners around the world. I've made a series about guard retention and I upload technique and strategy videos regularly on my Youtube channel

Next to the group classes at Erasmus BJJ I teach private classes and small group classes. 

BJJ Career

In 2011 after being inspired by the UFC (mainly the video games) I started training 'MMA' in a local gym. It turned out to be more like grappling than MMA. I trained a few times a week, and eventually picked up training in the gi as well. After a few years of training I got my blue belt,

I was not very successful yet. It took me a year at blue belt to finally win my first gold medal. But from there I started to spent more and more time on the mats. In january 2015 I started teaching at Erasmus BJJ. In the evenings I would travel 1,5 hours to and 1,5 hours from Amsterdam to train at BJJAA (Checkmat Amsterdam).

At the end of the year I decided to go on a jiu jitsu pilgrimage to Brazil. I started in Rio but ended up training at The House Fight Company, with coaches Gabriel Rollo and Thiago Abreu. They took me under their wing and I decided to represent them in competitions. I finally found the mentors I needed to bring me to the next level. When I came back to the Netherlands I started teaching more classes. When I was not training, working or studying for uni, I would be studying everything that had to do with jiu jitsu. That's when I started winning local competitions, both with and without the gi. 

I went back to Brazil in 2017, and I earned my purple belt from the hands of my coaches there. At purple belt things started clicking for me. I won my first IBJJF competition in Sao Paulo, and I medalled at both the Europeans and the Nogi Europeans. 

In that year I also decided I wanted to do jiu jitsu for a living. I graduated at Leiden University in the summer of 2018, and since then I've been completely focused on jiu jitsu. Among other titles I've won the Brazilian and European Championships (nogi). In October 2019 I was awarded my brown belt in Santos.

Currently, I'm traveling between Rotterdam and Santos. Teaching classes, seminars, privates and competing around the world. I want to gain as much experience as I can before I chase my big dream: Opening my own jiu jitsu academy.

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