Live the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle


Go to one of Brazil's most beautiful and safe cities to train with elite coaches and competitors


Living the jiu jitsu lifestyle in Brazil is something many of us dream about.

At The House Fight Company we offer a rental room for visitors right inside the gym. You get everything you need. A bed, washing machine, an equipped kitchen, even Wi-fi. Unlimited training with some of the world's best competitors is included!

Why train in Santos?

Why go to the BJJ House?

  • Have the time of your life 
    Train with the best in the world, relax by walking around the beach front garden. Cool down with some coconut water and a real bowl of Acai. Dive into Brazilian nightlife. Santos can offer you the complete jiu jitsu lifestyle, without the dangers that come with cities like Rio or Manaus.

  • Gringo approved location 
    Setting up your stay in Brazil can be a challenge. Many Brazilians will tell you you can sleep at their place whenever you're in the country, but when you get there it usually turns out the offer was just a form of politeness. Going to the BJJ House in Santos means you'll have a place to stay for sure, and the people at The House have been taking great care of gringo's for many years.

  • Save money 
    Instead of booking an expensive hotel and eating out every day, staying at the BJJ House will be a lot more cost efficient. Not only is training included in the price, you'll also be able to wash your own gi's and cook your own meals, saving dozens of reais every day.

  • Save time
    Finding the right accommodation is one of the many challenges in planning a trip to Brazil. When staying at the BJJ House you know you have all the accommodations you need, you'll pay a fair price and your not only near the gym, you're actually inside it!

What people say


Purple belt, Israel

“I had a great time in Santos. The guys helped me a lot with the Portuguese language and making friends"


White Belt, Netherlands

"Staying at the BJJ House made it super easy to make friends. They have everything you need"


White belt, Australia

I had an amazing time during my stay at The House in Santos. Santos is a fantastic place to visit, it has a rich culture and is a great place to just walk around. The locals are incredibly nice people and whenever you show them respect, they will pay you back tenfold.


The BJJ training I got from Thiago, Gabriel and the other practitioners was great. The coaches and training partners were very inclusive and made me feel like part of the group. Staying at the BJJ house was super convenient and allows you to eat, sleep and breathe jiu jitsu

Who are the coaches?

Thiago 'Baiano' Abreu

Thiago has been a black belt since 2010 and has been competing on the highest level ever since. Among his many medals he won Nogi Worlds double gold at brown belt (as a lightweight!) and won another gold medal the at black belt in 2014. He also hold back to back wins at nogi Brasileiros (2017, 2018).

Thiago is a very hard worker with a great, submission focused game. He holds submission wins over some of the biggest names in the game. His favorite moves are the footlock and the guillotine choke. As a coach he instills the value of hard work, respect and an attacking jiu jitsu game.

Gabriel 'Palito' Rollo

Gabriel is a highly regarded black belt and both friends and rivals praise is technical abilities. He has placed on the podium of Pan Ams at black belt several times, got a silver medal at the World Pro and he even won the Brazilian ADCC trials. He has a complete jiu jitsu game and will go after you on the feet, passing the guard and playing guard. His favorite submissions are the choke from the back and the Darce.

Gabriel speaks English quite well and loves to learn about different cultures. As a coach his technical knowledge is unlimited. He has a great answer to all the questions you might ask him. 

Next to the head coaches there are several high level black and brown belts that help with the classes. Among them many Brazilian champions, and even a World champion in Marcelo Fausto, one of Brazil's top upcoming brown belts.

The room

What does your stay at the BJJ House include?

- Bed with linen
No need to sleep on the mats. The House two rooms with a total of 3 comfortable bunk beds (6 sleeping places).

- Washing machine

One of the most important tools for the jiu jitsu lifestyle. The House has a washing machine you can use to get your gi's ready for the next sessions.

- Showers

Maybe even more important than keeping your gi clean is keeping yourself clean. The House has clean showers with warm water.

- Equipped kitchen

A fridge, a stove with pots and pans, a water filter, cutlery, plates, a sink to do the dishes. All you need to prepare your daily meals. There's plenty of cheap and healthy restaurants around the area too if cooking is not your thing.

- Wifi

Share your daily training sessions with your friends, family and teammates back home, and relax between sessions with your favorite videos on Netflix or Youtube.

- Safe and central location

With both a bakery and a supermarket around the corner, you won't even need to leave the block during your trip. If you do want to explore the city, there are several bus stops nearby, and one of the biggest shopping streets of the city is a 2 minute walk from The House.

- Unlimited training
Included with your stay is unlimited training at both The House units. This includes sessions from 7am all the way to 10pm. You won't be short on training options.

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