Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The best way to start BJJ

Brazilian jiu jitsu is arguably the most effective and efficient self-defense art the world has ever seen. But for many people just dropping in for a training can be quite intimidating. That's where our Intro to BJJ course comes in.

We will teach you the building blocks to create a solid base for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You'll learn how to safely move, the goals, the main positions and the most important concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


Why you should start BJJ

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, is something we recommend to everybody. 

First of all, you will learn how to defend yourself. That might not sound like a big deal in our relatively safe country. But having the knowledge and skills to defend yourself leads to more confidence and less stress. It's a very reassuring thought that you can defend yourself against anyone if it comes down to it. 

BJJ is the perfect choice, because it has been tested and practiced over decades in street fights, Vale Tudo, MMA and grappling competitions. The big difference between BJJ and other martial arts is that with BJJ smaller opponents can beat bigger and stronger opponents. Coach Daniel is notorious for once beating a 130kg blackbelt in competition when he weighed only 65kg himself.

BJJ is also a great way to get in shape. You will get stronger, more flexible and burn a lot of calories every training. Because you're working out so intensively together with your training partners, you'll make friends very quickly.

Next to the physical aspect, BJJ trains your problem solving abilities, specifically under stress. Getting out from underneath a bigger, stronger opponent is doable if there's no resistance, but the game drastically changes when your opponent doesn't want you to escape.

Why join this course?

  • Start from the start
    The main problem beginners encounter when they start training BJJ is that they have to do the techniques the rest of the group is doing. Those techniques are usually quite advanced and beginners will miss context and end up being confused. In our beginner course we start at the start, and we'll go through all the main movements, positions and concepts you need to create a solid BJJ foundation. 

  • Learn from an expert instructor
    Coach Daniel is one of The Netherlands' most successful BJJ athletes, and a European and Brazilian champion. More importantly, he has been teaching absolute beginners for years, and perfected his curriculum for teaching the fundamentals of jiu jitsu.

  • Personal attention
    Working with a small group you'll get plenty of attention from the coaches. This way we will make sure you can apply the techniques in a correct and safe way.

What others say


As a complete beginner I'm very satisfied with Daniel's coaching.  Through his elaborate technical knowledge and his patience I've learned more about BJJ in a short amount of time than I ever hoped. 


Even though I trained a little BJJ before, not much of the techniques stuck. With Daniel you will learn the system behind the positions, actions and reactions in BJJ. You will learn to put things together faster. The classes are laid back but challenging.


I already had some experience with MMA training but Daniel taught me all the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Many of the concepts I learned when I started I still use today in training.

Who is the coach

Daniel de Groot

Daniel is a jiu jitsu athlete and coach from Rotterdam. He has spend large amounts of time training, teaching and competing in Brazil. In 2015 he started Erasmus BJJ. He's also an instructor at The House FC, one of Brazil's most successful BJJ academies. 

As an athlete he is a European and Brazilian champion. As a coach he has been helping beginners start their jiu jitsu journey for years. Through group and private classes he has shared the benefits of jiu jitsu with hundreds of people.

Starting the 22nd of October
Thursdays from 
17:30 to 18:30

Only 14 spots available!
The 5-week course will teach you the foundation of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Normally this curriculum is only taught in private classes, where a 5-week course would cost you at least €200. This course comes at a fraction of that price. 

The investment will be only €55 euros for the entire course. If you have an Erasmus Sportspass, we will give you an even bigger discount. Then the course will only be €40 euros. The course has to be paid beforehand 

The location will be the Erasmus BJJ dojo on the Burgemeester Oudlaan 50,

You don't need a gi (jiu jitsu suit).
A tight fitting t-shirt and shorts without pockets will suffice.

What will you learn?

1. Safe movement 
Learning how to deal with falling in all directions, getting up from the ground and moving along the mat are some of the most important movements in BJJ, but are often only briefly addressed during warm-ups without any explanation. In this course you will learn the how and why of each of these movements.

2. The goals of BJJ

Learn what the goals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are, and why it works so well for people of all sizes.

3. Staying safe in bad positions

Let's be honest, as a beginning jiu jitsu practitioner you will spend most of your time in bad positions. That's why we have a focus on staying safe and creating a good posture in these kind of situations.

4. Escaping against stronger attackers

Staying safe is important, but getting out might be even more important, especially in a self-defense situation. You will learn how to escape from bad positions using technique and leverage, not strength. Our goals is to teach you things that will work even when you face a stronger opponent.

5. Control

Controlling a wild opponent that doesn't want to be controlled is an art. In the Intro to BJJ we will teach you exactly how to do that, in a way that works even against opponents that are way stronger and eager to escape. You will learn all the major control positions of BJJ.

6. The most important submissions

Ending a fight doesn't have to leave any permanent damage. In jiu jitsu you'll learn how to finish a fight through joint locks and strangles. That way you can control and subue any adversary without damaging him or her permanently.

Only 14 spots in total!

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