Private Classes

Get better at jiu jitsu faster

Private classes are the best way to improve your jiu-jitsu faster. You will have my full attention. You'll learn techniques that will work for you, receive immediate feedback on your application and l

We will decide on the topic of our classes together. That way we can find the perfect balance between what you want and what you need to work on. You will not only progress faster but enjoy jiu-jitsu more. 

My private classes have helped beginners, recreational practitioners and competitors alike. I've helped dozens of beginners kickstart their jiu jitsu journey in a safe and efficient way. For more advanced students, my goal is to help you find the perfect positions, strategies and details for you body type and personality. I've been coaching people with different body types backgrounds and mindsets for years, and I am 100% sure I can help you improve your game.

I'm so sure that I'll help you improve, that if you feel that my private class didn't help you, you don't have to pay me anything.

Also: Private classes don't have to be super expensive, our packages start at €38 per hour. The bigger the package you choose, the cheaper the price per private. For all the pricing info just click on the button below so I can get in touch with you.

  • NEW! 10 week beginner program
    Learn the most important positions and concepts to kickstart your BJJ journey.

  • Single class
    Use a single class to solve problems you've been having from a specific position.

  • 5-class package

  • Great to build a competition game plan and strategy. Can also be used to add new positions to your game.

  • 10-class package
    Used for long-term 1-on-1 training programs or as the perfect supplement to group training. Build a complete game with positions and details that work for your body type. 

  • Weekly or twice a week classes
    Used for long term improvement, both by beginners and advanced students

Why learn from me?

1. Experience as a competitor
As a competitor I've travelled the world to compete. I've made a name for myself in the European and Brazilian circuits. I've won the IBJJF nogi European and nogi Brazilian championships.

In the gi I've medalled at the IBJJF Europeans. In grappling I've won Grappling Industries- and NAGA elite categories.


2. Experience as a coach

I've been teaching classes since 2015 at Erasmus BJJ. SInce 2018 I've been an instructor at The House Fight Company, one of Brazil's best gyms. My students have competed and won some of the biggest tournaments in the country, including AJP Almere, ADCC Netherlands and Grappling Industries.


3. Experience teaching private classes
I'm one of the few people in the Netherlands making a living of jiu jitsu, and I'm probably the only coach that is focused mainly on teaching private classes. That means I have countless of hours of experience teaching one-on-one classes.

Who is this for?


You want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the most efficient way possible

You want classes that challenge you, but don't overwhelm you

You want to get a headstart in the sport

Learn jiu jitsu through a proven curriculum that has been successfully applied by dozens of other beginners

Work on the most important movements to safely train jiu jitsu

Learn at a pace that's challenging but not overwhelming, tailored to your level.

Apply the techniques against a experienced training partner who is there to help you, not to beat you

Recommended package

Weekly or 10-class package


Level-up your BJJ

​You can't seem to apply the moves you've learned in sparring or competitions

IYou want to create a gameplan that works for your personality and bodytype

You simply want to improve faster

Assess to see where the biggest improvements can be made


Learn new concepts, positions and techniques that fit with your game and body type


Apply during specific sparring and receive immediate feedback

Review how the application went


Learn new techniques to deal with the reactions you encountered.

Recommended package
5- or 10-class package


Faster learning

Classes are made exactly to your level. That means the class will be challenging, but not overwhelming. Ensuring the fastest rate of improvement.

More enjoyment

Work on the moves you want to learn. This can be a fancy back take but also finally finding a defense against that annoying submission your teammates keep catching you in.

Better results

My goal is to teach you techniques that work. Specifically, they should work for your body type and game.


My students, from light to heavyweight, have used the techniques they learned during our private classes successfully both in training and to win competitions



Business Economy student &
BJJ blue belt

Daniel has a very systematic approach which gave me insight in certain area’s of improvement. On top of that he utilized his competition experience to help me find the right strategy.


Lawyer, professor &
BJJ white belt

Daniel is a highly succeeded competitor and a very technical instructor who is always on top of the latest BJJ developments. Learning directly from the source with several periods spent in Brazil, Daniel brings those technical details that really make the difference and help to improve your game. Either if you’re a new in the sport or already more advanced if you’re serious about learning BJJ, Daniel’s coaching will bring your game to a different level!


History teacher &
BJJ blue belt

Having been a regular student of Daniel's, I had seen first hand the level of detail he puts into his teaching. However, after taking a few privates, I was even more blown away by not only his attention to detail, but his patience in helping me solve any issues that I had.

I travel often and divide my time between Rotterdam and Santos. That means my time to teach privates is limited. I'm currently in the Netherlands. If you don't live there I also offer online privates.


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