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Video analysis

Make the most out of your training

Being away from my coaches for a large part of the year makes video analysis one of the most important tools I use to develop my game. I have spent countless hours studying matches and learning from it. Now I want to use these skills to help you improve your jiu jitsu.

Having someone go over your matches is the fastest to get to the game changing details you need to get better at jiu jitsu as fast as possible.

Send me your videos of training or competition to receive detailed feedback, strategic advice and technical pointers. Then get to work with the actionable, simple to follow steps to fix your mistakes.

I won't stop with just giving you some technical pointers, my goal is to create lasting solutions. This includes improving the physical and mental aspects of the game, giving an integrated approach to solving your jiu jitsu problems.

Just fill in the form below and I will get in touch as soon as possible to sort out the details.

Upgrade your game now!

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