Video Analysis

Speed-up your jiu jitsu progress by getting the tips and details that YOU need!

Is this for me?

Do you want to make most out of your training?

Personal feedback through video analysis tells you exactly what you should focus on to make fast progress.

Instead of general clues you will learn exactly what you need to work on to get better

Are you wasting time looking for techniques on Youtube?

Let me save you the effort, I'll tell you exactly what to watch for your development, instead of getting lost in techniques you will never apply.

Do you wish you had a mentor?

I know the importance of having a good mentor when you want to improve your jiu jitsu. I would never be where I am today without my mentors. 

It can be hard to find a higher belt that's willing to put time and effort into helping you evolve. I will put in that effort.


Without the guidance of my coach and mentor Thiago Abreu, my life would look very differently today

What if I am not a competitor?

Even if you don't compete, video analysis can be a huge boost to your progress. 

Just ask a friend to film a few of your rolls in the gym, this footage will be just as useful as actual competition videos!

What if I have only been training for a short time?

I've been coaching absolute beginners since early 2015, and I know which common mistakes hold beginners back.


The earlier you address these mistakes, the faster your progress! 

I have a different body type, can you still help me?

Definitely! I know the struggle of being forced into a game that does not work for your body type.


My goal is always to find the perfect game for my students, and I have a wide range of students winning local competitions. From 50kg girls to 110kg men. 


"Really enjoyed the tips, and I'd totally contact you again in the future"

- Leonardo

"Awesome analysis man, thank you! I will definitely work on that, exactly what I needed"

- Martijn

Great pointers! I immediately applied the concepts during training yesterday

- Max

Who am I? 

My name is Daniel de Groot, and I'm a full time jiu jitsu competitor and coach from The Netherlands. I spent half of the year training and teaching in The Netherlands, and the other half in Santos, Brazil. There I train at The House Fight Company, one of the best gyms in the world.

Being away from my coaches for a large part of the year makes video analysis one of the most important tools I use to develop my game. I have spent countless hours studying matches and learning from it.

As a competitor I have competed in, medalled at and won some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. My proudest feat is becoming the first Dutchman to win the Brazilian championships. Next to that, I have several years of experience as a coach, both at my own team, Erasmus BJJ, and teaching classes at The House FC. 

Now I want to use these skills to help you improve your jiu jitsu. 


Basic analysis

- Extensive video analysis in PDF

- Links to resources for further studying

- Actionable steps to improve
- Key concepts to work on



Premium analysis

- Extensive video analysis in PDF

- Links to resources for further studying

- Actionable steps to improve
- Key concepts to work on
- Personal instructional video



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